How to sign up for a QQ account in 2021? (For PUBG, Game for Peace or Honor of Kings)

Hey! If you’re the guy who wants to play PUBG Mobile, Game for Peace or Honor of Kings, you definitely need to sign up for a QQ account. You need to log into the game as a QQ member, otherwise, you just can not play these wonderful games.

A QQ account has more functions than just playing the games. QQ app has more than 800 million monthly active users, which is the biggest digital platform developed by Tencent in China. It’s amazing that you can use only ONE app to communicate with 800 million people by instant message. So if you’re an exchange student, expat or traveler who wants to know more about China, you should register a QQ account for sure.

Note: if you fail to sign up for a QQ account so many times, don’t be frustrated and try to register a WeChat account.

Altough QQ and WeChat have the similar registeringi process and spam-testing system, WeChat might be easier to register for some of you, especially the US-based users.

If you want to find out how to get a WeChat account, please read this article: How to sign up for WeChat

Also, if you want to join a group and find someone to help you pass the verification. Here is a choice:

This Facebook group is created by me and I hope you can find someone who can help you.

Forget about buying a QQ account, because a QQ account is free for everyone.

Although it’s getting harder and harder to register a brand new account, you can follow my steps and get your free QQ account.

The difference between QQ and QQ International

QQ and QQ International are different apps developed by the same company – Tencent. QQ was aimed for native Chinese users and QQ International was made for international foreigners who can’t read or write Chinese words.

No matter which app you use, you will only have one user name. You can use the same user name to log into both apps.

However, for some unknown reasons, Tencent has stopped the update of QQ International since Oct. 15, 2018.

Although Tencent has shown the download button on the official website, I just can’t download the app after clicking the download button.

Also, I can’t find QQ International on the Google Play Store (I’m an Android phone guy). But I can find it on the App Store of my friend’s iPhone.

Even if you can install QQ International on your iPhone, you’d better not use it because Tencent has stopped developing QQ International. It is unsafe to use an App of the old version. An old version app often has too many bugs.

It is wiser for you to use QQ than QQ International.

Nevertheless, a coin has two sides. The bad thing is that QQ doesn’t provide an English version which means you can only use it in Chinese. Many users have complained about it by giving bad reviews, but Tencent just ignores all the complaints.

Can QQ International sign up with Facebook or Email?

You can register a QQ International account with Facebook in the past. But as Tencent stops developing the QQ International, all of us can’t find a way to download the App from any authority sources (such as Google Play Store or the Tencent official website). Even if you can download QQ international on your iPhone, you can’t sign up with your Facebook account or an Email right now.

You can only register a normal QQ account with your phone number and Facebook is not allowed to register a QQ account.

Can I get a QQ account without a mobile phone number?

Sadly, the answer to this question is a big NO.

I understand that some of you might be frustrated because you don’t want to share your mobile phone number for reducing spam calls or messages.

However Tencent, the developer of QQ, also needs to identify the spam users by unique phone number. The quantity of QQ accounts that can be registered by the same phone number is fixed. You can only register ONE QQ account with each phone number. Therefore, everybody who wants to sign up for a QQ account must use a phone number.

Note: some articles would suggest you using a free SMS platform to receive the text code. However, I’ve tried many free SMS platforms on the market but the QQ registration system will find out that I’m using the fake number and refuse to register a QQ account for me.

So don’t try to find a way to get a QQ account without a mobile phone number. It is just impossible.

I’ve approved it.

Actually, it’s easy to register a QQ account using your own phone number, even if you stay outside of China. So why don’t we try the easiest way?

Let’s do it.

How to sign up for QQ account in 2021 (step by step)

QQ app on your phone only provides the Chinese version, so it would be easier for you to register it on the Tencent official website which has an English version.

You can watch this tutorial video from youtube below and I will also provide a word tutorial for you to know how to register it correctly.

First, Go to the official website.

Click the link: and you will go to the QQ official website.

Fill in your nickname, password and phone number in the blank.

After you fill in your phone number, click the Send button. It will send you a code to your phone for registration. You need to fill in the right code and then click the Sign up now button.

Then you will get your QQ account easily. The website says that you have to log into your new QQ account in three days otherwise the account will be recycled. So use your new account ASAP in case you forget about it.

Sometimes the website will show you “sorry, server is busy. Please try again later” or “qq registration too many attempts”

Actually, it doesn’t mean something wrong with the website server. You just need to make sure that you’ve turned off your VPN and your phone number is correct.

Fail to register a QQ account?

Many readers have left a comment that they just can’t register a QQ account.

After they input the right phone number and password, an unexpected message pop up:

Your mobile phone number may have security risks tested by our system. Please change a new mobile phone number to register QQ account.

Some of you guys use your private phone as I suggested before and do nothing wrong. How can this QQ registering system still refuse to give you an account?

The answer can only be that the QQ registering system mistakes you as a spam user but you’re actually not.

The reason why this system mistakes a real user as a spam user is hard to know.

But hey, there will always be a way to achieve your goal.

I know how frustrated it is. Just don’t give it up too quickly!

Here is the latest solution and it works for me:

Have you heard about the Tor browser, which is a free and open-source browser for enabling anonymous communication? The Tor browser can let the QQ accept your registration magically.

If you don’t have this browser on your PC, you can download it from its official website:

Then, go to the sign-in page of QQ and register the same way that you have done before. Please use your own private phone number as well.

This solution works for some people. I hope it also works for you!

Final words

Now you’ve got a way to register QQ successfully and safely. A QQ account is a door to communication with over 900 million people and having fun in the game PUBG Mobile, Game for Peace or HONOR of KINGS. You should definitely get a free QQ account for yourself.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. I will check all the comments and give you feedback ASAP.


29 thoughts on “How to sign up for a QQ account in 2021? (For PUBG, Game for Peace or Honor of Kings)”

  1. I try to send the sms and it tells me this? Your mobile phone number may have security risks tested by our system. “Please change a new mobile phone number to register QQ account.” what does this mean?

    1. It means this phone number is rejected to register a QQ account, maybe Tencent thinks this phone number looks like spam. Please Do NOT use the numbers list on the free SMS platform. It just doesn’t work. You’d better use your private phone number and then you’ll get your account.

    2. I also got this error message, even I tried to sign up with my own private mobile phone number. Can it be resolved?

      1. If you sign up on the PC, try clearing your browsing data (cookies and cache) or open a new incognito window. Then sign up again 😉

    3. If u have an account or ID in QQ app or we chat app, then please add me in friends or send me friend request…. ☺️Parhaps, then I will play PUBG chinese version😁If u have…

        1. I’ve put a link in this article, below the video. Click the link and follow the video, then you’ll get your account. Good Luck!

  2. hi, i have the same problem
    Your mobile phone number may have security risks tested by our system. “Please change a new mobile phone number to register QQ account.
    i am using my own phone number,
    and already use the incognito web
    and nothing

    1. It’s hard to say why does QQ registering system mistake your phone number as a spam one. There are a lot of maybe… I’ve updated this article and added the latest solution to avoid being tested as spam. Please Check the last second paragraph – Fail to register QQ account?
      Wish you can solve this problem. 😀

  3. Tried using my own number but says “Your mobile phone number may have security risks tested by our system. Please change a new mobile phone number to register QQ account” so I read the comments and tried clearing cookies and stuff but still no luck. I even tried switching to the other two languages on the website (simplified/traditional chinese) hoping that might work but no luck. Any clue how to fix or work around this? Only thing I can think of why it isn’t working is if QQ detects the number is from the U.S and doesn’t want more people invading their servers. I even tried using their mobile apps to sign up, VPNs, and incognito mode 🙁

    1. I know it’s very frustrated! Just don’t give up too quickly. I have updated this article and added the latest solution which is using TOR browser to register QQ account. You may find this solution in the last second paragraph, right before the Final Words paragraph. Wish it can help you! 😀

  4. Hello, I have a problem and I need help here, I used QQ to log in to Honkai Impact and when I downloaded the QQ for mobile there, everything was ok, then I put my account right and he asked to reinforce security and sent a code via SMS but the code never arrives and it seems like there is another number in it, I am very frustrated and I want to know if there is a way to solve it

    1. Calm down buddy! 😉 There is NOT another number in the system. The reason for you not receiving the SMS code is quite complicate. Since the system didn’t tell you that your phone number is risky, it might be something wrong with your SMS system. Try wait a few minutes and resend the code.

  5. Unfortunately, your method does not work. At least not for any US based numbers. It always comes up with the error message stating: Your mobile phone number may have security risks tested by our system. Please change a new mobile phone number to register QQ account.

    My friends and I have all tried with our numbers and we all get the same thing. We have tried your methods of cleaning cookies, etc. We’ve tried using Tor, we’ve tried using a VPN and a few other things. It comes up with the same message every time for all of us and we are all using our own numbers. I would say that they have blocked out all US based phone numbers from being able to register for QQ.

    1. You might tell the truth 🙂
      The risk-testing system of QQ is so tricky and the QQ officials refused to answer any further questions about why they block out so many users.
      In this case, I suggest you trying to sign up for WeChat instead.
      WeChat is more international and friendly for those who are outside of China.
      Here is my guide: how to register WeChat.
      Wish you good luck!

    2. I am in China and need the qq app for something school related. I tried to register with my chinese number but it is asking for a friend to verify my account via a code , the condition of the verification include having a qq wallet with Bank card bound, hasn’t registered another person within the last month, the qq account must have been open for 6 months and their account status must be normal. I do not know anyone on qq so I can not find someone to verify my code. Any suggestions would be much appreciated

  6. Registration through the website didn’t work for me, it gave me a QR code to verify.
    I downloaded the app on my phone, used my personal number and it worked right away.

  7. I have a qq account but the problem is that When I send requests, the other parties don’t receive it but when people send me requests, I can accept. Why is it so?

  8. Why it shows like this when i entered my phone number?

    The mobile phone number 12****** needs to be verified on the mobile phone QQ before the QQ number can be registered

    1. It means that you need to download QQ app and log in with your phone number. After you install QQ, you will need to find someone to scan your QR code so that your account can be verified successfully.

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